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“I have been astonished with Lucy’s ability to go into a town, snoop around at opportunities for a charitable project, investigate the history of the surroundings, meet with the locals, visit the sites and return with a solid solution for our venture. She has proposed a fabulous idea for a unique event blending history, local flair and festivity to a day of “giving back” to the community. She has a vision unlike anyone I have ever seen.”


Peggy Whitman, CITE

Sr. Manager

Marriott Individual Incentives


“I’ll never forget 150 of us in purple T-shirts working together to fix up that children’s school in Puerto Vallarta – and how great we felt when we hung up that commemorative sign marking our efforts. Same with the Building Bikes charitable activity on the Clearwater, FL incentive and the looks on the children’s’ faces…these Give Back events were both so engaging, validating, worthwhile and FUN!”


Susan Iida-Pederson

VP Corporate Relations

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   HelmsBriscoe Fall Event

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