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“Maritur (Destination Management Company) assisted Lucy Eisele in planning of the community project at the Village of La Cruz de Quelitan, a small village outside of Puerto Vallarta. This was to help a small school named Justo Sierra where Creative Memories made all the children of this community very happy. Creative Memories accomplished their goal of inspiring hope to the children of the village. In addition, the activity met the criteria as an exclusive component of a typical incentive program.”


Alvaro Noyola

General Manager

Maritur, Puerto Vallarta


“Wow! You sure can plan a trip!!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with Puerto Vallarta. I would have changed nothing. The Consultants raved and I heard repeatedly this was their favorite trip. Our day at the school is one I will never forget. You exemplify the best of Creative Memories.”


Suzanne Johnson

VP Marketing

Creative Memories